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Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem Khan.

Free download Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem Khan is an intriguing and exceptionally Beautiful Romantic and Social Reforming Novel on subject of Ishq-e-Haqiqi. Excursion of Self Realization and Discovery of Oneself. This novel is the third celebrated and record breaking novel of Hashim Nadeem Khan. This is the account of a voyage from common Love to Real Love. Abdullah novel unravels the privileged insights of distinctive and parallel world. Sahir is the lead character of the Novel. He is one who got the genuine way of “Ishq-e-Haqiqi” through “Ishq-e-Majazi”. The genuine adoration that he found even with a wonderful virgin named Zohra, courageous woman of the novel. Abdullah novel shows us how to give up for affection either for a man or Allah Taala.


Download Abdullah Part 1 by Hashim Nadeem pdf

Download Abdullah Part 2 by Hashim Nadeem pdf


Download Abdullah Part 2 by Hashim Nadeem pdf


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